"A 180 change for a healthier life"


How did Tactical 180 come to be?  Co-Founders, Shawn Breedlove, Jason Rocha and Mariann Ivan met at a cycling event for wounded vets.  A friendship and bond was formed immediately.  Through the love of cycling and the inspiration to help military, wounded vets, first responders, people with disabilities and their family, Tactical 180 was born.  Incorporated June 20, 2016 and receiving our 501(c)(3) on November 18, 2016, Shawn, Jason, and Mariann have worked endlessly to bring in Sponsors and promote Tactical 180, with Tactical 180's Meet and Greet Ride scheduled for Sunday, December 18th in Simi Valley.

What's the meaning behind Tactical 180?  It's an operation to help make a 180 degree change for a happier and healthier life.

What's the meaning of the Logo?  The triangle is the strongest of the shapes.  Each corner is a 60 degree angle.  Each corner adds up to 180 degrees.  The road between the triangles symbolizes the path to a healthier and happier life.


T180 Day Rides

T180 Day Rides are day rides with 2 - 3 routes to chose from.  Visit our Events page for the next ride.  If you would like to have a ride in your home town, please contact us at info@tactical180.org and we will do the best we can to schedule a ride near you.

T180 Squads

T180 Squads are ride groups in a city.  If you would like to be a T180 Squad Leader in your town, please contact us at info@tactical180.org

Team Tactical 180

Team Tactical 180 is a team of Tactical 180 participants who race as a team in races held throughout the US.  If you are interested in being a part of this special team, please contact info@tactical180.org


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